Xstream Synthetic Urine Review – Synthetic Urine Explained

Xstream Synthetic Urine Review – Synthetic Urine Explained

Xstream has been around for some years now and is a well-known brand of synthetic urine. I’ve never gotten around to doing an in-detail review up till now, so here goes.

I think I probably haven’t reviewed the product before as it’s not something I would ever trust if I was looking for a product that would enable me to pass a drugs test. Now, I am not saying that it’s a bad product, and I will talk you through the positives and negatives of the product in my review; I don’t think it ticks all the boxes, but maybe that’s just my opinion.

So, in this review we are going to take a look at how this synthetic urine brand works, also providing you with tips on passing a drugs test as well as some alternatives to the product.

Good Synthetic Urine: An Explanation

For a brand of synthetic urine to be good, it needs to have a few basic characteristics. If the brand you choose doesn’t have a minimum of three of them, then avoid it, as it won’t be doing you any favors:

  • Has to contain urea
  • It is vital that it contains uric acid
  • Has the correct and specific gravity
  • Comes in within the correct range for pH
  • Smells, froths, and looks like real urine
  • Must contain other markers and chemicals that are also present in human urine
  • Mustn’t contain any artificial preservatives such as biocide
  • Must contain creatine

So, as we can see, that’s quite an extensive list, and although the wording “Xstream fetish urine” is probably partly used to get around legality, for me it’s a big negative and something usually only found on the very worst brands.

Brands like Quick Fix and Sub Solution most certainly don’t use such wording and aren’t described as fetish urines.

Xstream: How does it compare?

Research I have carried out now leads me to believe that the formula has been updated, and that Xstream now contains creatine, uric acid, and urea.

What I can assume from this is that the product was probably in the first instance produced as fetish urine, the ingredients now having been added in order to try and boost sales. The product however is still relatively cheap, at $30, especially when compared with the likes of Sub Solution that retails at $80.

It does appear that Xstream contains the basic ingredients that you need in order to pass a drug test, even if it is only good enough for a simple urine test such as a pre-employment one.

On the plus side, the urine looks and smells just like the real thing, something that probably stems from the fact that it was first manufactured as a fetish product.

However, it should be noted that Xstream won’t say whether the product contains biocide or not, biocide being a preservative that is artificial and used in a lot of synthetic urines. Rumors have it that the biggest test labs have now cottoned onto the fact, and now test for biocide, the presence of biocide being a clear indicator of a fake product.

Online you can find quite a lot of evidence that this could be the case; there are plenty of people who have used or tried to use Xstream for a urine test and have failed. It’s not a huge concern that it’s not explicit whether or not the product does indeed contain biocide.

Review of Xstream Synthetic Urine: Instructions

The instructions for using the product are very much like those you find with almost every other brand, and are indeed straightforward and use a heatpad.

  1. Place the urine that has been pre-mixed into the microwave and set to full power, microwaving the solution for 10 seconds.
  2. Gently shake the bottle, watching the temperature strip to see how it is once the product has been microwaved.
  3. Only if necessary, return the urine to the microwave, until you get the temperature to register on the strip. The strip will detect temperatures between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Attach the sample to your already-activated heatpad, ensuring that heat is maintained.
  5. Using 2 pairs of underwear, place the heatpad and sample securely inside of the first pair.

Tips for the Use of Synthetic Urine

Here are some general tips for the use of synthetic urine that obviously can be used in relation with Xstream.

First and foremost, ensure that you check the temperature of your sample before you enter the lab. If you find that is has cooled down too much, find a way to heat it up, like running it under a hot tap.

Secondly, ensure you stay calm and don’t panic; the drugs test will not be observed. So, with calmness, take the sample out and pour it into the cup you have been provided with, hiding it again before moving from behind the screen or leaving the cubicle.

Thirdly, if you are still unsure, a practice run at home is a great idea.

Lastly, ensue that you always use a fresh sample. Warm up the sample before you head to the lab; never reheat a sample used on a practice run. Some people wonder if the product has an expiry date or not; this is something that you should check out, looking to ensure that the synthetic urine you use is in-date.

Xstream: Does it Work?

My conclusion on this product is that I don’t think that it really works. It’s not actually the worst product you can find on the market, my doubts lying with whether or not the product contains biocide. Also, the fact that the product is first and foremost for fetish purposes also bothers me somewhat. It’s not specifically been manufactured for passing drug tests.

Having said this, it may be good enough to pass a pre-employment drugs test. I personally know someone who failed a drugs test when using the product; he was subsequently fired, something that could have been avoided if he had invested in a quality product.

Another negative point that is related to how cheap the product is the heatpad; it really doesn’t work that well. This could be in my opinion one of the reasons that people who use the product fail their drugs test, as the temperature of the urine is wrong.

I really am not very convinced that the temperature strip on the bottle is accurate. So, when you combine this doubt with a cheap heatpad and a product that may or may not contain biocide, you can see where my negative opinion stems from.

So, does the product expire? Yes, it does and like every synthetic product available, it has a shelf-life of about 1 year. In the case that it doesn’t contain biocide as a preservative, and even in the case that it’s supplied in powder form, the product will contain some kind of preservative.

Viable Alternatives

If you are looking for a product that is cheap and that will allow you to pass a pre-employment drugs test, I would suggest Quick Fix; it costs just $10 and works just as well if not better than Xstream.

Quick Fix doesn’t actually look very realistic, but its formula is more complex and well-balanced. I have passed a drugs test using it, and for this reason, it’s also the brand that I would have recommended to my now ex-co-worker.

If you are really looking for insurance that you will pass, I recommend Sub Solution. It is expensive at $80, but the quality of the product makes Xstream look like a joke in comparison.

Sub Solution uses a heat activation powder as opposed to a heat pad. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about finding a heat source as there is no heat pad to fail. If the temperature of your sample drops, all you need to do to fix it is add a little bit more powder, watching as the temperature rises again.

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