The best synthetic urine kits

JULY 10, 2020

Think of this scenario. There you are early morning getting up, and getting ready for work. You are sitting at your kitchen table, and you suddenly remember you have a drug test at work that day. You start totally freaking out. But not to worry I’ll show you a great way to evade all suspicion of drug use at work!

Come on, we all use drugs at one point or another. Many Americans have tried drugs at least once or twice in their lives. And, with this new way you can have a little fun without the worry of failing your drug test at school or work.

So, we’ve come to the conclusion that we all use drugs, and a lot of us get tested. You may think that it’s unfair, but don’t worry there is a great way to avoid it.

Have you ever heard of synthetic urine? I bet you haven’t. You probably had no idea that there is an entire market designed to help you pass your urine based drug test with ease. But, if you’re a bit of a worry wart and want to be extremely sure that you’ll pass that pesky test there is only one thing that can help you.

Forget about using all of the detoxes, and the pills and the weird newfangled supplements, everything that you need is in one little bottle: fake urine.

This may be your first time hearing about synthetic urine, but you should know that it is actually a pretty big, well-known thing. Tons of people use fake urine. From checking if their test kits pass, or even from faking out their own urine test. Well it’s obviously not something that you could just find in any local grocery store, but it’s something that you can obtain easily with a little searching on the good old Internet.

If this is not your first time hearing about the good old fake urine trick, then you know that all fake pee is not the same.

Pretty much anyone could mix a bunch of random things into a bottle and sell it as fake urine, but it takes a true expert to produce a good quality test passing fake urine that works like a dream.

Now I’m going to tell you the best fake urine kits for a drug test

When dealing with synthetic urine the quality of the product is absolutely everything. It’s not just about how believable it is, it’s about passing the test. When so much is at risk with one pesky test, you want the odds to be perfect, and leaning towards your favor. So, I’m going to tell you everything you need to look for to find the best synthetic urine.


So, the first thing that we’re going to dive into is the most important thing. When dealing with synthetic urine, it has to be made of the right stuff that normal human pee has. The drug tests break down the urine samples down to even the base elements. So, if your urine shows anything out of the ordinary, even if there aren’t any drugs shown, then that is just about enough to raise suspicion, and get you investigated.

The best types of synthetic urine always use a laboratory certified formula that is guaranteed to work. It is important that your brand of synthetic urine has a lab certified formula, because if it doesn’t there’s no way you’ll pass the drug test.

Convenient to use

Different from detoxes and things to mask the drugs, synthetic urine should be a quick and easy fix. You don’t need to go on a diet and you don’t need to perform anything to sacrifice or something crazy like that. The only thing you need to do is get the bottle and make sure it is the right temperature to use. Good fake urine kits have absolutely everything you need to get the job done. Whether that be a heating agent to get the urine up to the correct bodily temperature, or a convenient bottle. A good brand of synthetic urine will come with everything you need, and there will be absolutely no hassle.

The shipment of your little miracle

Fake urine obviously isn’t something that you want to galavant around the town with. You wouldn’t want any member of the community, or even a neighbor or close friend to see your shipment of synthetic urine. So, a good brand of synthetic urine should always come with discrete and unnoticeable packaging.

Marijuana use

Marijuana is generally very simple, and very easy to understand. It is used by either inhaling or ingesting the product. Many people use it to get high, but there are also many people who now in modern day use it for important medical reasons such as PTSD or even anxiety.

You may be wondering why it’s illegal, well The truth is many people just don’t like things they don’t understand. The fear of good old mary jane started around the years of the prohibition, and prior to that no one really had an issue with it.

On the bright side, there has been a lot of progression in the legalization of marijuana in the past decade. But, there are still a lot of states and regions that don’t allow it in the slightest, and even more companies and businesses deeply disapprove of their employees using the drug.

All of these rules and regulations must sound pretty upsetting and unfair for the smokers out there, but let’s take a look at the other side for a second. Is smoking marijuana really bad?

The answer to that question is: no, it’s not.

You may be cleaning your glasses right now and wondering if you read that right, but you were in fact correct. Many studies have proven that marijuana doesn’t have the awful effects that many people think it does. Marijuana is not in fact a gateway drug. And, you are way more likely to die from alcohol or tobacco.

So, don’t let yourself feel too ashamed about your habit. Don’t worry according to science you shouldn’t be. And if you were in a corporation where they’re not too happy about your weed usage, then there is a perfect way to continue your sneaky little habit without a bump or bruise along the way.

You might be wondering how the companies and corporations that you work in find out, well there are three common methods of testing that check for marijuana usage. These tests include the notorious urine test, mouth swab test, and even hair follicle test. Unless you are given a blood test, all of these tests are pretty easy to fool.

You may be kind of ignorant on the kind of traces marijuana leaves in the body. Well, I’m here to inform you. You don’t just get high and then come down with no consequences or repercussions of things being left in your body. Like any drug marijuana is a chemical, and chemicals don’t just go away without a trace.

Most businesses use urine tests for drug tests because they are good at detecting the traces of chemicals left in your body. It’s impossible to get rid of all traces of marijuana in your body at once, unless you use a detox or some other way of completely cleaning out your body. So, the thing of the matter is that urine tests analyze the complete composition of your pee. And, you may be thinking, why can’t I just use some old stored urine? Well, the answer to that question is the tests can sense the temperature and the levels of your urine. Some tests can even go as far back as two weeks to check if you’ve been using any drugs from that point on.

All of this information are the very reasons your tests are so hard to fool. But, fake synthetic urine may just be your saving grace in this situation.

A couple reasons synthetic urine is your best bet

It works quickly. In contrast to other ways like detoxes or even masking remedies which take a few days to even start working, synthetic urine works quickly and doesn’t require any preparation at the time. it depends on the brand, but some forms of synthetic urine require you to mix the ingredients, while others come as is, and all you need to do is heat it to the correct temperature and pass your drug test with flying colors.

It’s super convenient and easy. Oftentimes in business corporations the business requires you to urinate in front of someone known as a tester. But, not to worry it’s super easy to sneak in a small vial of synthetic urine.

These reasons mean that a weed smoker with great work ethic doesn’t have to worry about testing day.

Here are a few of the best fake urine samples specifically

Number one the quickfix 6.2+

This synthetic urine is critically acclaimed, and was voted the best synthetic urine of 2020.

This synthetic urine has always been up to the highest caliber of all synthetic urine on the market. If you use this synthetic urine you’ll know for a fact that you’ll be able to pass your pesky drug test with flying colors. You’ll never have to worry about failing another drug test again, and losing the job you’ve worked so hard to obtain. Let go be laid-back and chill with your beloved marijuana habit, and there is no need to worry about failing a silly drug test.

The pros of this product are that it has the longest lasting shelf life of all the synthetic urine on the market, and it accurately replicates good, easy and normal urine samples, it has a laboratory confirmed formula, and it gives the best results.

The cons of this product are that it is more expensive than many synthetic urine products in the market, it can be difficult to get because of the high demand for this amazing product. This product cannot be added in or mixed with anything else, and never ever mix with water.

Number two is the sub solution powder and fake urine. This choice of fake urine has an amazing record in regards to assisting marijuana addicts in passing their monthly drug tests. What makes this type of synthetic urine unique is that it has a special powdered formula.

The pros of this product is that it lasts very long on the shelf, there is a very low chance of the synthetic urine becoming contaminated while preparing the results. This type of synthetic urine will always be fresh due to the powder aspect of the product. The kit includes a convenient temperature strip to make sure that the temperature of your sample is up to the caliber of regular human urine.

The cons of this product are that it is quite expensive and also kind of difficult to find due to the high demand. Another con is that there are many fake versions floating around and you could possibly get a dupe, and fail your drug test.

See third type of synthetic urine we are going to be discussing is the monkey whiz. This synthetic urine product was voted best urine sample for female usage. this yarn is kind of interesting and quirky because it was actually designed to be fetish urine for sexual exploits. The makers of this product really knew what they were doing because it allows you to pass any drug test with ease. The makers paid incredible attention to detail and got everything right including the smell.

The pros of this product is that has super fast shipping, and sometimes even overnight shipping. This product is also cheaper than a lot of other brands, and a very great price for what it is.

The cons of this product is that it was supposedly designed for a sexual fetish product, and it is not certified by laboratory. One more con of this product is that it has been said that the temperature strip can possibly be unreliable at times.

The fourth synthetic urine we are going to be talking about is the quick luck premixed synthetic urine. let’s make something clear, although the name of this product is quick look, it is in no way related to quick fix.

This brand of synthetic urine actually comes from the same mother brand as sub solution, and the only difference is that it comes pre-mixed.

In most aspects of this brand of synthetic urine is actually pretty identical to sub solution. The only difference between the two is that quick luck comes pre-mixed, and it is easier to use on the fly. The pros and cons are just about the same with sub solution, and pretty much the only difference is the quick luck is a bit easier in the aspect of preparation.

The fifth and final brand of synthetic urine we are going to be discussing is the test clear powder and urine. If you’re a person who’s been doing quite a bit of research about how to fake out drug tests, then you may have possibly come across tests clear before. This brand has many products that are designed to invade failing your pesky drug test. This powder is just another product in their amazing line.

To conclude there are many solutions to the main problem here: passing your pesky drug test. But, synthetic urine is definitely your best bet. So, get out there and have a little fun. I mean, you only live once. So what’s the use of living in fear of failing a drug test. Buy some synthetic urine and never live in fear again. The five brands of synthetic urine we talked about here today are all great options for all of your synthetic urine exploits.