What Causes the Spotting Between Periods?

What Causes the Spotting Between Periods?

Spots in between periods is a very common occurrence for women and more often than not, they are left untreated. Some women have no problem with spotting in between periods and some have a mild case only. However, this condition needs to be addressed immediately. It is known that women experience an increase in the severity of premenstrual symptoms as their menstrual cycle nears its close. Hence, spotting or bleeding is a sure sign that the premenstrual syndrome has begun.

There are many factors that could be attributed to spotting in between periods. Some women experience spotting after their period while others experience it only during their period. But in most cases, spotting is a mild problem experienced by most women. This is often attributed to hormonal changes or imbalance caused due to various events such as fertilization, ovulation, menstruation, etc.

There are a number of causes for spotting in between periods. Bleeding between periods happens when blood does not flow to the uterus, causing an incomplete emptying of the reproductive organs. This allows the sperm to fertilize the egg instead of waiting in the uterus. This is most commonly observed after sexual intercourse or upon awakening after intercourse.

Infection could also be one of the causes for the bleeding. The spots could be a result of infection in the womb or bladder. In severe conditions, infections could lead to complications such as ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, or even cancer of the reproductive organs. Surgery could be an option for removing the spots if there is no other way of removing them. On the other hand, you can try to manage the situation by taking care of your urinary tract.

A hiatal hernia is another reason for spotting in between periods. This occurs when the abdomen expands beyond the normal limits because of excess growth of muscle at the diaphragm or abdomen muscles. This results to a vacuum that pushes the fluid towards the rectum and causes the spots. This is the least dangerous among the other reasons for the in between periods symptom.

However, spotting in between periods is not the only symptom of a possible period complication. You should also watch out for sudden or excessive loss of body heat, fever, and excessive urination. These are also symptoms that could signal the presence of a complication. It would be best to seek medical attention once you notice any of these symptoms so you can get a proper diagnosis for your condition.

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