How to Make Synthetic Urine

JULY 10, 2020

Did you know that you can make fake or rather synthetic urine to pass a drug test? Well, although it is illegal to take such measures, if you don't have a choice, you can save yourself from bagging that job or evade jail time by creating your "clean" urine. This is advisable for people who have been involved or are involved in drugs. It could be the weed, alcohol, cocaine, and other hard drugs.

Some drugs such as weed can stay in the system for a long time, and thus, if you are sure that you may test positive for such drugs, then consider making urine. But, keep in mind that this is not easy since there are chances of getting caught, especially when dealing with a professional lab technician. However, you wouldn't lose anything for trying it right!

How is the urine drug test done?

On collecting the person's urine, the lab technician checks for residuals of the most commonly abused drugs on the urine. These drugs include; marijuana metabolites, cocaine, heroin, and many others. In most cases, the number of narcotics checked depends on where or who want to analyze your results. For example, if the police ordered the test, the lab technician may check up to 10 or more drug residuals on the urine. If the test is about a job interview, then a few tests may be carried out.

Using synthetic urine for testing

Although several people have evaded testing positive on drug abuse for using water instead of urine, this is a risky measure to take if at all, the test is being conducted by authorities or a professional lab technician. Therefore, to avoid this, the other alternative is to make synthetic urine. Is this type of urine useful? Well, the answer to this is yes!

As long as you use the right ingredients, the lab technician cannot identify if the urine is fake or original. Some of the features that the lab technicians check when testing the urine include;

  • The temperature of the urine
  • The smell (it has to smell ammoniac)
  • The color (it should look yellowish)
  • They may test for the presence of urea and creatinine

As long the synthetic urine has all the above features, then considers you safe.

Drawbacks of using synthetic urine

Although it seems so easy to pass a urine test using a synthetic sample, the process is not all smooth, and in some cases, this may not work. Thus, one needs to be prepared for the outcomes, which includes both good and bad. If you are caught by submitting the synthetic urine, the repercussions may be harmful, most notably for people dealing with the authorities.

What are some of the drawbacks of using fake urine for a test?

  • One can face legal actions

In most parts of the world, faking a urine sample is treated as a crime, and one can even face jail time for this. If you are dealing with the police, you may get prosecuted and go to jail for months or years. If you took the test for job purposes, then you may be eliminated as a potential candidate for the job.

If it's your parents who had asked you to get the test, then they may lose trust in you entirely for this. The repercussions are determined by the person you are dealing with.

  • Heavy security when taking the test

It is not always smooth when it comes to submitting or providing the urine sample for the test. In some areas like in police stations, you may be escorted by security to the bathroom to take the test. The officer may stand at a close as you get the urine, which makes it impossible to swap the fake urine to the real kit.

On the other hand, you may undergo security checking to find out if you have hidden anything under your clothes. In such scenarios, there are minimal to no possibilities of being able to exchange the urine.

  • You may fail the test

Even if you are using the fake urine, there is still a probability of failing the test if the results prove that the urine used was false. This is accompanied by the consequences of losing the job, facing jail time without forgetting the trust lost.

What causes one to fail a drug test?

  1. Cold prescriptions

Taking cold medicines before taking the drug test may hinder one from passing the test. Although the medicine may help to get rid of the cold, it may cause one to fail terribly in the drug test. So, always check this with a doctor before going for a drug test to be on a safe side.

  • Taking vitamin supplements

Taking vitamin supplements is quite familiar with athletes to energize them in the field, but it has its downside when taking a drug test. Why? Some vitamins like vitamin B are extracted from fermentation plants and lactose carbs that may show some traces of THC, a component found in marijuana.

  • Taking ibuprofen

If you are prone to taking this painkiller often, then chances of being caught with drug residual in the urine are high. The pain killer causes the sample to detect a high level of THC. But, you can prevent this by using aspirin instead of the ibuprofen may be weeks before the drug test is conducted.

  • Wrong temperature or color

The urine has to be warm and have the right color when taking it for a test. The heat and color of the urine are the two most crucial features that the lab technicians check when testing the authenticity of the urine. In this case, make sure the urine has a temperature range of 34 degrees C to 36 degrees C. Regarding the color, the authentic urine should have a yellowish color.

The method of making fake urine at home

If the only alternative to passing the urine test is by creating your own, here are the ingredients that you require;

What do you need to make artificial urine?

  • Distilled water
  • Sodium chloride
  • Albumin powder
  • Potassium chloride
  • Urea
  • Creatine

Equipment you need include;

  • A clean, clear bottle
  • A mixing container
  • Litmus paper or urinometer

The procedure

If you are preparing one liter of the synthetic urine use the measurements of the following ingredients;

  • Add about 0.75 liters of distilled water to a mixing container
  • Add around 18.2 grams of urea to the distilled water and mix them until everything dissolves
  • Add 4.5 g of potassium to the dissolved mixture, followed by 7.5 grams of chlorine, and 4.8 grams of sodium phosphate and mix.
  • Ones you have incorporated all these ingredients, the other step is to check the level of PH in the mixture. So, using the litmus paper, dip it to the solution and check the level of PH. The results should read between 5 to 7 PH levels if the solution is correct. If you want to measure with the urinometer, make sure the results range from 1.015 to 1.025.

Important things to note;

If you are not using the solution, immediately keep it in the fridge to preserve it. You can also keep it in a freezer for future use since it can stay fresh for up to a month in the freezer.

Always use the right quantities of ingredients when making the urine to ensure you get the correct results.


With the new technology inventions, it is not as easy as it used to be before to fake urine test. Well, but considering there are so much at stakes such as losing a good job position, facing time in jail, and even the lousy record you get for testing positive for drugs. The other option is to make your quality synthetic urine at home.

Apart from making the fake urine at home, the other reliable option is to use the Clear Choice Sub Solution System Urine that gives around 99+- positive results. So, if you are looking for a safer and much easier way to passing the urine test, consider buying this product. But, if you are okay going through the whole process for making the urine at home, the choice is yours.