Company Profile

Synthetech's domestic and international customer base includes major pharmaceutical and emerging biopharmaceutical companies, as well as contract drug synthesis firms.

About Synthetech

Synthetech is a fine chemicals company specializing in organic synthesis, biocatalysis and chiral technologies. Synthetech develops and manufactures amino acid derivatives, specialty amino acids, peptide fragments, and proprietary custom chiral intermediates primarily for the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

About Synthetech's Products

Synthetech's products support the development and manufacture of therapeutic peptides and peptidomimetic small molecule drugs at every stage of a customer's clinical development pipeline; including regulatory starting materials advanced intermediates, and early-phase APIs. Synthetech also supplies catalog quantities of specialty amino acids to research institutions, universities and drug discovery firms. The Company's integrated 'grams to tons' production capabilities emphasizes its commitment to customers to be a long-term player from the early phases of pharmaceutical discovery and clinical development through approval, market launch and commercialization. Synthetech's products are used in peptide, peptidomimetic small molecule and other drugs under development or on the market for the treatment of AIDS, cancer, cardiovascular and and other diseases.

Synthetech's Mission & Vision

Synthetech's goal is complete customer satisfaction in the cost-effective manufacture and delivery of pharmaceutical fine chemicals and intermediates. We have assembled a key combination of people, plant and processes to deliver the innovative technology, manufacturing capability and consistent quality necessary to achieve this goal. Our everyday way of thinking is to keep up a comprehensive group condition in which individuals share thoughts, information and experience. This culture of sharing increases our ability to deliver innovative solutions in a highly competitive industry.