Peptide Building Blocks

Specialty Amino Acids


Chiral Intermediates

The science required for these subordinates, including hydrogenation, Grignard and hydride increments, buildups responses and others, has been rehearsed on a multi-ton scale at Synthetech.

Peptide Fragments

Our involvement with the production of the ensured amino acids just as arrangement stage coupling permits us to rapidly focus on the most practical procedure.

Specialty Amino Acids

Synthetech utilizes the most practical assembling procedures to give high-caliber, reproducible forte amino acids on a modern scale. We have created aptitude in both enzymatic and compound courses to claim to fame amino acids.

Protected Amino Acids

The expansion request of the ensuring gatherings can impact both the expense and nature of a specific subsidiary. Synthetech has broad involvement with kilos-to-tons assembling of this wide cluster of secured amino acids.


Synthetech’s enormous scope present day fabricating office has been planned and worked to address the difficulties of delivering a blend of great items at different scales on close courses of events. We approach a wide scope of reactor sizes and auxillary gear including channels, rotators, dryers and bundling offices. A solitary liquid warming and cooling framework adds to the adaptability and proficiency of the office. 


Nonstop assembling activities are upheld by Synthetech’s Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Research and Development gatherings. Coordinating qualities in our kilo lab and pilot plant permits Synthetech to cost-viably collaborate with our clients from early clinical improvement to advertise.

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